Welcome to the Cryptography group! 

This Group is linked to OpenPGP, IETF mailing list, GnuPG-users mailing list, and OTR. You can find them in the section "Child groups" above.

Here's a little explanation to guide you through :

- Click on "Artifacts" to have access to every document that we post on this group. They're organized by posting dates.

- If you're looking for a specific document, use the search engine. You can look for a title or a keyword.

- If you're on an artifact and want to see related documents, click on one of the hashtags of the artifact.

-If you find an artifact interesting, we encourage you to annotate it! To do so, scroll to the bottom of the artifact where you'll find an "Annotate" button. Click on it, and choose :

  1. question set: it'll be the same name as the group where the artifact is or the general subject to which the artifact is related. (No big deal if you ain't sure, just pick the one you find suits the most)
  2. An Analytic: pick a precise question or a wider one depending on what you feel the more comfortable with.
  3. Time to annotate: You can write about your opinion on the subject whether it's the subject in general or a very precise point in the artifact or even a reaction to another annotation that you agree/disagree with. You can write a big text with a paragraph or just a few words. There's no constraint so feel free !

You'll find the already existing annotations under the annotated artifacts.

Thank you for collaborating with us!

CVA team

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