bug bounty

Mozilla bug bounty

2004 : Mozilla launched its bug bounty program.Read more
Swiss Post terms, conditions and code of conduct Public Intrusion Test (PIT)

2019/02: Swiss Post official terms of use, conditions and code of conduct for their e-voting bug bounty programRead more

Cryptographic platform PolyNetwork rewards hackers who stole $ 610 million with a $ 500,000 bug bounty

2021/08/21 : Isabella Khadem-Hosseini explains how "Cryptographic platform PolyNetwork thanks “ethical” hackers who steal $ 610 million and reward him with a $ 500,000 “bug bounty” after most of the money has been...Read more

Apple bug bounty

2016 : Apple launched its bug bounty program. It upgraded to Mac in 2019.Read more
The beginner's Guide to Bug Bounty programs (HackerOne)

2019/12/02 : HackerOne explains all a hacker needs to know about bug bounties programs when he wants to get involved into it.

This artifact is part of the HackerOne Reports and Guidelines Bundle.Read more

Filling A Gap In the Vulnerability Market – First Bounty Notification (Microsoft)

2013/07/10 : Here is the Microsoft first Bounty Notification after they finally decide to launch their bug bounty.

This artifact is part of the Microsoft Vulnerability Disclosure Bundle.Read more

YesWeHack bug bounty

2015 : YesWeHack launched its bug bounty program.Read more
VeriSign iDefense offers US$48,000 for Vista, Internet Explorer 7 vulnerabilities (Chickowski paper)

2007/01/12 : Ericka Chockowski writes upon the new reward of iDefense.
"VeriSign's iDefense Labs is offering a total of US$48,000 in awards for remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in the new Windows Vista operating system and Internet Explorer 7.0
...Read more

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