L0pht Advisory: release of L0phtCrack for NT (Bugtraq archive)

1997/04/11 : Aleph One publishes a L0pht advisory on Bugtraq. 

This artifact is part of the L0pht Bundle.Read more

Full Disclosure works, here's proof - Bugtraq archives

1994/12/01 : Christopher Klaus describes a proof of Bugtraq efficiency.

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Interview with Elias Levy (Bugtraq)

2000/10 : Interview with Elias Levy (Bugtraq). He explains his opinion on full disclosure. 

"Corporations only purpose is to generate money. Software vendors will only "take security seriously" when their customers do. Until then they have no incentive to...Read more

How do we define Responsible Disclosure? - Shepherd

2003/04/22 : Stephen A. Shepherd define what is responsible disclosure and make a summary of vulnerability disclosure history at this stage.Read more

Wolf Hill Group’s Exclusive Interview with Scott Chasin, Information Security Pioneer And Serial Entrepreneur

Here is the Wolf Hill Group’s Exclusive Interview with Scott Chasin. He talks about future of cybersecurity, Bugtraq, USA.NET, MX Logic, and ProtectWise. He gives ...Read more

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