KPMG Zertificat : Prüfung der Funktionalität für Systems zur elektrnischen Stimmabgabe

2017/06/27: KPMG Certificat : Testing the functionality of electronic voting systemsRead more

People must weigh up the risks of e-voting (Swiss Post article)

2017/12/01: Swiss Post article by Stefan Friedli. The cyber-security specialist comes back on the parliamentary motion to submit e-voting to a public intrusion system and why this is not enough to assure the system's securityRead more

Knights and Knaves Run Elections: Internet Voting and Undetectable Electoral Fraud (IEEE article)

2019/07/04: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers's article on the vulnerability found in the Swiss Post e-voting system, the security of e-voting systems and how to build a trustworthy e-voting system.

Reference: ...Read more

Researchers Find Critical Backdoor in Swiss Online Voting System (Motherboard article)

2019/03/12: Motherboard article about critics concerning Swiss Post e-voting systemRead more

The source code of Swiss Postʼs evoting system was not “leaked”

Swiss Post official blog post refuting the rumors of their source code being "leaked" and summarizing their term of use and vulnerability disclosure policyRead more

NSW Electoral Commission confirms iVote contains critical Scytl crypto defect (itnews article)

2019/03/13: itnews article on crypto defect in Scytl's iVote confirmed by the NSW Electoral Commission. This confirmation gets out only one day after researchers reveal that they found a trapdoor in the Swiss Post e-voting system built by Scytl.Read more

What a second flaw in Switzerland's sVote means for NSW's iVote (Pursuit article)

2019/03/25: Pursuit, University of Melbourne, article by Vanessa Teague. The article reacts to the new vulnerability report in the Swiss Post e-voting system and what it means for iVote in New South Wales.Read more

Vote électronique - Öffentlicher Intrusionstest 2019 : Schlussbericht des Steuerungsausschusses (Federal Chancellery)

08/2019: E-voting - Public Intrusion test 2019: Final report of the steering committee. System under test: Swiss Post e-voting system with universal verifiability Read more

How not to prove your election outcome (SwissPost voting system 2nd vuln reporte)

2019/03/25: Public vulnerability report in the SwissPost e-voting system. Explanation and proof of the vulnerability. This is the second report showing vulnerabilities in this e-voting system by the security researchers team of Sarah Jamie Lewis, Vanessa Teague, and Olivier Pereira.

...Read more

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