Swiss Post's e-voting PIT statistics

2019/11/21 : Swiss Post's e-voting Public Intrusion Test statistics. List of the accepted vulnerabilities + findings by countries. Read more

Statement on the transition of electronic voting into regular operation (ICT Switzerland)

2019/04/15: ICT Switzerland, the umbrella organization for the digital economy, makes a statement against the transition to e-voting into regular operation and argues for more testing. Read more

NSW Electoral Commission iVote and Swiss Post e-voting (NSW media release)

2019/03/12: NSW electoral commission confirms being aware of vulnerabilities found in Swiss Post e-voting system and affirms that it does not affect their use of iVote for the NSW State Election.Read more

Vicky the Viking and universal verification (Swiss Post article)

2019/02/12: Swiss Post article by Rolf Haenni and Reto E. Koenig on e-voting security and universal verifiability. Read more

What a second flaw in Switzerland's sVote means for NSW's iVote (Pursuit article)

2019/03/25: Pursuit, University of Melbourne, article by Vanessa Teague. The article reacts to the new vulnerability report in the Swiss Post e-voting system and what it means for iVote in New South Wales.Read more

The Remote Voting Minefield: from North Carolina to Switzerland (Bryan Ford's blog post)

2019/02/22: Bryan Ford, cyber-info teacher at EPFL, give his opinion on the Swiss Post e-voting system: "alternative methods of remote voting may be even worse".

This blog post is a reformatted and lightly-edited version of this twitter thread : ...Read more

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