End-of-year review 2017: e-voting in use in Switzerland (Swiss Post article)

2017/01/30: Swiss Post article reviewing the e-voting use in different swiss CantonsRead more

eVoting? Burn it with fire! (H. Marques article)

2019/04: Hernâni Marques article giving his opinion on eVoting. Marques strongly criticizes not only Swiss Post's e-voting system but e-voting in general.Read more

Vote électronique (Federal Chancellery document)

2019/07: document on the situation of e-voting in Switzerland by he Federal ChancelleryRead more

Auditbericht / Audit Report by OneConsult

2019/06/28 : Security check operational aspects Swiss Post's e-voting system Read more

Federal Chancellery Ordinance on Electronic Voting

2013/12/13: Federal Chancellery Ordinance on Electronic VotingRead more

Glossaire sur le vote électronique (Swiss Federal Chancellery)

2019/06 : Glossary on e-voting by the Swiss Federal ChancelleryRead more

Vote électronique. Un test public dʼintrusion aura lieu en février et en mars 2019 (Federal Chancellery communication)

2019/02/07: Swiss Federal Chancellery communication announcing the Public Intrusion Test to be launched by Swiss Post for its e-voting systemRead more

Test Public d'Intrusion. Fiche dinformation de la Chancellerie Fédérale

2019/02/25: Federal Chancellery's Factsheet on the Public Intrusion Test for Swiss Post's e-voting systemRead more

Nouveau système de vote électronique de La Poste : la publication du code source entraîne la mise en évidence dʼune faille (Federal Chancellery Press Release)

2019/03/12: Federal Chancellery official press release (french version) about the flaws found in the Swiss Post e-voting system. The Federal Chancellery calls for Swiss Post to review and improve it's system's security process and "will review the ...Read more

Federal Chancellery to review evoting

2019/03/29: Federal Chancellery official statement concerning the decision of Swiss Post to suspend their e-voting system after new vulnerabilities have been found during their Public Intrusion Test.Read more

Test public d’intrusion. Fiche d’information du comité de gestion de la Confédération et des cantons

2019/02/25: Factsheet of the Management Committee of the Confederation and the CantonsRead more

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