Système de vote électronique de la Poste - Expériences et revers sur le chemin vers un système complètement fiable (La Poste presentation)

2019/04/15: Presentation by Denis Morel, public service digital responsible for La Poste, on the Swiss Poste e-voting system. Presentation given during the seminar on Legal Informatics in Macolin. Read more

Erreur manifeste dans la solution de vote électronique développée par la Poste et Scytl. Quelles conséquences la Chancellerie fédérale en tire-t-elle? (Swiss Parliament Question)

2019/03/13: Balthasar Glättli, member of the Swiss National Council, submitted questions to the Federal Chancellery concerning the safety and the future of e-voting after a trapdoor was found in the system by security researchers 

The Federal Chancellery's answer was...Read more

Nouveau système de vote électronique de La Poste : la publication du code source entraîne la mise en évidence dʼune faille (Federal Chancellery Press Release)

2019/03/12: Federal Chancellery official press release (french version) about the flaws found in the Swiss Post e-voting system. The Federal Chancellery calls for Swiss Post to review and improve it's system's security process and "will review the ...Read more

Federal Council wants to transition e-voting into regular operation (Swiss Post article)

2018/06/27: Swiss Post article on the Federal Council's decision regarding e-voting.Read more

Three cantons seek damages for failed e-voting system (Swiss Info article)

2019/07/08: Swiss Info article on the three swiss Cantons, Fribourg, Thurgau, and Neuchâtel, asking Swiss Post compensation for the shut down of its e-voting system. The three Canton had invested in the e-voting system before it was suspended.Read more

Some analysis of sVote, the Swiss Post/Scytl Internet Voting Protocol and some of the implications for New South Wales, Australia

2019/08: Presentation by Vanessa Teague on her work with Sarah Jamie Lewis and Olivier Pereira on sVote, the Swiss Post/Scytl Internet Voting Protocol and some of the implications for New South Wales, AustraliaRead more

Statement on the transition of electronic voting into regular operation (ICT Switzerland)

2019/04/15: ICT Switzerland, the umbrella organization for the digital economy, makes a statement against the transition to e-voting into regular operation and argues for more testing. Read more

Federal Chancellery Ordinance on Electronic Voting

2013/12/13: Federal Chancellery Ordinance on Electronic VotingRead more

Diese Argumente haben das E-Voting in der Schweiz gestoppt (Swiss Info article)

2019/08/02: Swiss Info article on the story of e-voting in Switzerland + interview of Democracy expert Renat Kuenzi

Die Geschichte von E-Voting in der Schweiz ist die eines kühnen Traums mit Bruchlandung. Das Schicksal dieses Projektes ist

...Read more
Swiss Post to focus solely on new system with universal verifiability (Swiss Post press release)

2019/07/05: Swiss Post official press release announcing their decision to stop offering their previous e-voting system and to focus on developing a new one wit universal verifiability that should be ready for trial from 2020. Read more

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