By tracking versions? Example with PGP

This history is a very detailed and focused one and I really love the way most information is documented with links. It is a very useful source of primary and secondary documents...Read more

A history of end-to-end encryption and the death of PGP - January 2020 (cryptologie.net blog post)

01/2020: Here's a documented though critical history of PGP, with insightful links. Providing several consensual (or at least presented so) arguments and documents, the author argues that PGP is dead. However, the article ommits to mention that 2019 witnessed the emergence or fostering of...Read more

An example with PGP on cryptologie.net

N.B. I'm aware that the author's goal was very different from mine. The criticisms I will mention are more addressed to myself than to his work.

This history is an interesting one...Read more

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