Scytl sVote Software Architecture description

2018 : Official document describing Scytle sVote Software ArchitectureRead more

Ballot box not hacked, errors in the source code – Swiss Post temporarily suspends its e-voting system

2019/03/29 : Swiss Post official press release on their decision to put on hold their e-voting system due to the recent disclosure of vulnerabilities in their source code. Followed by facts and figures on the public intrusion test on the e-voting system.Read more

What a second flaw in Switzerland's sVote means for NSW's iVote (Pursuit article)

2019/03/25: Pursuit, University of Melbourne, article by Vanessa Teague. The article reacts to the new vulnerability report in the Swiss Post e-voting system and what it means for iVote in New South Wales.Read more

Analyzing the feasibility of the recently reported attacks to the Swiss e-voting system (Scytl's statement)

2019/03/13: Scytl's analysis of the feasibility of the vulnerabilities revealed in the Swiss Post e-voting system by security researchers. Scytl asserts that these vulnerabilities couldn't be exploited because "such attacks are highly unlikely – not to say impossible...Read more

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