vulnerability disclosure policy

Vulnerability Disclosure FAQ (Project Zero)

2019/07/31 : Here is the Project Zero FAQ. 

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Information Anarchy: The Blame Game? - Edwards reaction on Culp essay

2001/10/23 : Edwards analyses Culp essay on information anarchy.

"It seems that Microsoft is doing that now indirectly with its new Strategic Technology Protection Program (STPP). The effects should...Read more

Statement on recent comments regarding the source code publication of the Swiss e-voting system

2019/02/22: Scytl statement concerning rumors of Swiss Post leaked source code. This addresses the cases of unofficial diffusion of source code and unofficial criticsRead more

Guidelines and Practices for Multi-Party Vulnerability Coordination Open to Review (on FIRST Guidelines)

2017/01/20 : Omar Santos writes about the new FIRST Guidelines and Practices for Multi-Party Vulnerability Coordination and Disclosure.

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Nomad Mobile Research Centre (NMRC) - Announcement

1999 : NMRC [Nomad Mobile Research Center] published a bug disclosure policy stating they would first verify the vulnerabilities they found, before notifying the vendor. The public will be informed one month after the vendor in case of a 'very high priority...Read more

Vulnerabilities Equities Policy and Process for the United States Government

2017/11/15 : "[T]he White House released a charter on the vulnerability equities policy outlining how the federal government will alert private companies to cybersecurity flaws or refrain for intelligence purposes." (...Read more

US Vulnerabilities Equities Process (Fact Sheet)

2017/11/15 : "[T]he White House released a charter for the administration’s once-shadowy Vulnerabilities Equities Process (VEP)." (see : more

Guide for how to handle vulnerability reports (on ISO/IEC 29147:2014)

2016/04/18 : Juha Saarinen writes on the document published by International Standards Organisation and International Electrotechnical Commission. This document "helps organisations handle responsible...Read more

Toward the development of industry standards for security vulnerability handling - OIS objectives

Here is a presentation on objectives, the way of reporting and addressing vulnerabilities, security tools, and proposed organizational framework by OIS.

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2004/01/13 : The National Infrastructure Advisory Concil published in January 2004 their Final report and recommendations on vulnerability disclosure.

"The NIAC reached consensus that the nation’s interests are advanced by a commitment by all stakeholders in...Read more

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