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1999/11 : Marcus Ranum and Jeremy Rausch wrote both on this special issue on Security. Did Jeremy Rausch wrote to respond  to Ranum’s article? The two article side-by-bside seems an editorial choice, was it an order of the journal ?

Between 1999...Read more

The realities of Disclosure : Morgenstern and Parker on Christey and Wysopal failure

2002/07/12 : Michael Morgenstern and Tom Parker point to the failure of Christey and Wysopal's willingness to put in place common measures for responsible disclosure.

"Unfortunately, Steve Christey and Chris Wysopol's RFC of February...Read more

No more free bugs for software vendors (Fisher paper)

2009/03/23 : Dennis Fisher highlights the end of free vulnerability disclosure.

"It appears that the free ride is over for software vendors."Read more

ISO/IEC 29147:2014

2014/02 : "ISO/IEC 29147:2014 gives guidelines for the disclosure of potential vulnerabilities in products and online services. It details the methods a vendor should use to address issues related to vulnerability disclosure." (see : https...Read more

The source code of Swiss Postʼs evoting system was not “leaked”

Swiss Post official blog post refuting the rumors of their source code being "leaked" and summarizing their term of use and vulnerability disclosure policyRead more

Vulnerabilities Equities Policy and Process for the United States Government

2017/11/15 : "[T]he White House released a charter on the vulnerability equities policy outlining how the federal government will alert private companies to cybersecurity flaws or refrain for intelligence purposes." (...Read more

The CERT/CC Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

2000/10/09 : "Effective October 9, 2000, the CERT Coordination Center will follow a new policy with respect to the disclosure of vulnerability information."
Here are the information on the CERT/CC Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. 

This artefact is...Read more

How do we define Responsible Disclosure? - Shepherd

2003/04/22 : Stephen A. Shepherd define what is responsible disclosure and make a summary of vulnerability disclosure history at this stage.Read more

Public hacker test on Swiss Postʼs e-voting system (Swiss Post article)

2019/02/07: Swiss Post official post about their public intrusion test (bug bounty) on their e-voting system, summarizing their terms of use and vulnerability disclosure policyRead more

Guide for how to handle vulnerability reports (on ISO/IEC 29147:2014)

2016/04/18 : Juha Saarinen writes on the document published by International Standards Organisation and International Electrotechnical Commission. This document "helps organisations handle responsible...Read more

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