People Are Freaking Out That PGP Is ‘Broken’—But You Shouldn’t Be Using It Anyway (Motherboard, screenshot)





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December 3, 2019 - 2:37pm

Critical Commentary

2018/5/14 - screenshot of a Motherboard article about EFAIL. The title as well as the incipit of the article reveal the skepticism of the author about the crypto protocol (Full PDF):

On Monday, the world was reminded once again that the almost 30-year-old encryption protocol PGP does still exist, and, yes, it still kinda sucks.

Another quote:

"Sadly I think what it tells everyone is that as standards age, legacy systems will almost inevitably be exploited," Alan Woodward, a professor at the University of Surrey, told me, "and email does not make for a good platform for secure messaging in the first place."