Enigmail verschickt Krypto-Mails im Klartext (heise security article)

2018/10/03: Heise security article on the Enigmail bug under WindowsRead more

Modelling an abuse-resistant OpenPGP keyserver, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, OpenPGP Mailing List, 2019/04/04

2019/04/04: Email sent to the OpenPGP and SKS mailing list about the problems faced by the keyserver and proposing what could be solutionsRead more

Was the Efail disclosure horribly screwed up? – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering (blog post)

2018/05/17: Matthew Green thoughts on the EFAIL vulnerabilities disclosure, its handling and the future of PGPRead more

6/12/2016 - Filippo Valsorda: "I'm giving up on PGP"


Filippo Valsorda's post on the reasons why he decided to dive up on PGP. Among these reasons, we find the lack of people actually using PGP, the usability of the software programs, and, above all, the security of the long term key.
[QUotation style:] "The more
...Read more
What's the matter with PGP? (Matthew Green blog post)

2014/08/13: Green's criticisms towards OpenPGPRead more

EFAIL bundle

HTML MAils have no Security Concept and are to blame (Hanno's blog)

2018/06: Hanno Böck's toughts and opinions on HTML mails and its roles in the EFAIL vulnerabilitiyRead more

The PGP Problem (Latacora blog post)


The aim of this article is very clear right from the start: to convince the readers not to use PGP. The first paragraph set the pace:

Cryptography engineers have been tearing their hair out over PGP's de ciencies for (literally) decades.

...Read more
ENIGMAIL/P≡P: Current release for Windows is faulty (Blog post)

2018/10/03: PEP foundation blog post on Enigmail/p≡p faulty update for Windows and updates about the solutionsRead more

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