6/12/2016 - Filippo Valsorda: "I'm giving up on PGP"


Filippo Valsorda's post on the reasons why he decided to dive up on PGP. Among these reasons, we find the lack of people actually using PGP, the usability of the software programs, and, above all, the security of the long term key.
[QUotation style:] "The more
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A unified timeline of Efail PGP disclosure events

2018/05/16: Timeline of the Efail vulnerabilities disclosures to PGP vendors and usersRead more

By tracking versions? Example with PGP

This history is a very detailed and focused one and I really love the way most information is documented with links. It is a very useful source of primary and secondary documents...Read more

A trenchant summary of frequent criticisms towards PGP

The aim of this article is very clear right from the start: to convince the readers not to use PGP. To do so, the authors enumerate a long list of criticisms that are not new. Reading this offers...Read more

Efail: What A Disclosure FAIL That Was! (RBS article)

2018/05/16: Article criticizing the handling of the EFAIL vulnerabilities disclosureRead more

PGP und S/MIME abschalten (Golem article)

2018/05/14: Article on the disclosed vulnerabilities in OpenPGP and S/MIMERead more

Critical PGP and S/MIME bugs can reveal encrypted emails—uninstall now (Ars Technica article)

2018/5/14: Screenshot of ARS TECHNICA article about EFAIL.

Given the track record of the researchers and the confirmation from EFF, it's worth heeding the advice to disable PGP and S/MIME in email clients while waiting for more details to be released

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No, PGP is not broken, not even with the Efail vulnerabilities (2. Hacker News Forum)

2018/05: Reaction to the Prontomail article "No, PGP is not broken, not even with the Efail vulnerabilities" (artifact available) on Hacker News forum : more

efail: Outdated Crypto Standards are to blame (Hanno's blog)

2018/05/22: Hanno Böck's thoughts and opinion about the EFAIL vulnerability, OpenPGP and S/MIME,Read more

An example with PGP on

N.B. I'm aware that the author's goal was very different from mine. The criticisms I will mention are more addressed to myself than to his work.

This history is an interesting one...Read more

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