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N.B. I'm aware that the author's goal was very different from mine. The criticisms I will mention are more addressed to myself than to his work.

This history is an interesting one...Read more

PGP: Encryption Program Used by Edward Snowden 'Can Leak Secret Messages' (Newsweek article)

2018/05/14: Newsweek article about EFAIL disclosure.

This article is interesting as it makes the link between the EFAIL disclosure and the emblematic figure of digital rights activist Edward Snowden:

PGP, which is used to scramble the content of sensitive messages and

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ENIGMAIL/P≡P: Current release for Windows is faulty (Blog post)

2018/10/03: PEP foundation blog post on Enigmail/p≡p faulty update for Windows and updates about the solutionsRead more

Encrypted Email Has a Major, Divisive Flaw (Wired article)

2018/05/14: Article on the story of the EFAIL vulnerabilities concerning OpenPGP and S/MIME encrypted emailRead more

Spoofing OpenPGP and S/MIME Signatures in Emails (13:19 - 19.04.30)

Stephen Farrell's mail in response to ilf mail about OpenPGPRead more

L'histoire de PGP by

L'histoire de PGP - 5 Juin 1991 : après plusieurs années de travail, c'est depuis sa ville de Boulder, Colorado (USA), que Philip R. Zimmermann (surnommé sur Internet "PRZ"), ingénieur informaticien et militant pacifiste à ses heures, réalise la version finale de PGP 1.0 . Alors qu'un projet de loi...Read more
efail: Outdated Crypto Standards are to blame (Hanno's blog)

2018/05/22: Hanno Böck's thoughts and opinion about the EFAIL vulnerability, OpenPGP and S/MIME,Read more

Negociation as a drawback?

The authors make a bold statement:

If we've learned 3 important things about cryptography design in the last 20 years, at least 2 of them are that negotiation and compatibility

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Statement on Efail research (Gpg4win)

2018/05/17: Gpg4win statement regarding the EFAIL vulnerabilities and its media coverageRead more

"“PGP” can mean a bunch of things"

There are two interesting quotes regarding the question. First, at the very beginning of the article, the author affirm:

"PGP" can mean a bunch of things, from the OpenPGP

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