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Test public d’intrusion. Fiche d’information du comité de gestion de la Confédération et des cantons

2019/02/25: Factsheet of the Management Committee of the Confederation and the CantonsRead more

Filling A Gap In the Vulnerability Market – First Bounty Notification (Microsoft)

2013/07/10 : Here is the Microsoft first Bounty Notification after they finally decide to launch their bug bounty.

This artifact is part of the Microsoft Vulnerability Disclosure Bundle.Read more

iDefense Bug bounty

2002/10/21 : iDEFENSE develop its bug bounty called "Vulnerability Contributor Program" (VCP).Read more
Swiss Post terms, conditions and code of conduct Public Intrusion Test (PIT)

2019/02: Swiss Post official terms of use, conditions and code of conduct for their e-voting bug bounty programRead more

E-voting intrusion test: Swiss Post bug bounty moderator tallies submissions (The Daily Swig article)

2019/09/11: The Daily Swig article summarizes the event around Swiss Post e-voting PIT and the vulnerability reports made outside of the official PIT by Sarah Jamie Lewis, Vanessa Teague, and Olivier Pereira.

Read more

Lawyers, Bugs, and Money: When Bug Bounties Went Boom (Part One - Fisher paper)

2021/08/30 : Dennis Fisher writes a three-part series upon the evolution of bug bounties since they get birth. Here is the first part, talking about "the hackers who turned a niche idea into a worldwide ...Read more

VCP Reward Programs (iDefense)

2005/03 : "In an effort to reward long-term VCP contributors, iDEFENSE is launching a VCP Retention Program. This program will provide additional incentives to top contributors above and beyond the base compensation received for their submissions...Read more

Report on the SwissPost-Scytl e-voting system, trusted-server version

2019/07/17:  Report on the SwissPost-Scytl e-voting system, trusted-server version by Olivier Pereira and Vanessa Teague Read more

Uprising in the Valley: When Bug Bounties Went Boom (Part Two - Fisher paper)

2021/08/31 : Dennis Fisher writes a three-part series upon the evolution of bug bounties since they get birth.

Here is the second part, talking about the growth of "independent...Read more

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