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Gravierender Mangel am E-Voting-System der Post entdeckt (Republik article)

2019/03/12: Republik article about the vulnerability reported by  security researcher in the Swiss Post e-voting systemRead more

Erreur manifeste dans la solution de vote électronique développée par la Poste et Scytl. Quelles conséquences la Chancellerie fédérale en tire-t-elle? (Swiss Parliament Question)

2019/03/13: Balthasar Glättli, member of the Swiss National Council, submitted questions to the Federal Chancellery concerning the safety and the future of e-voting after a trapdoor was found in the system by security researchers 

The Federal Chancellery's answer was...Read more

Error in the source code discovered and rectified (Swiss Post press release)

2019/03/12: Swiss Post official press release reacting to the vulnerability found by security researchers during the public intrusion test on their e-voting system.Read more

Democracy is being entrusted to a private company – and other misunderstandings (Swiss Post article)

2019/02/04: Swiss Post article addressing the controversies around e-votingRead more

Test Public d'Intrusion (Swiss Federal Chancellery)

2019/02/07: Swiss Federal Chancellery official document on the Public Intrusion Test for the Swiss Post e-voting systemRead more

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