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The Remote Voting Minefield: from North Carolina to Switzerland (Bryan Ford's blog post)

2019/02/22: Bryan Ford, cyber-info teacher at EPFL, give his opinion on the Swiss Post e-voting system: "alternative methods of remote voting may be even worse".

This blog post is a reformatted and lightly-edited version of this twitter thread : ...Read more

How findings are categorized in the public intrusion test (Swiss Post article)

2019/03/06: Swiss Post article answering questions on its e-voting public intrustion test : how findings are handled and categorized and what will Swiss Post pay as compensation ?Read more

New finding in the source code (Swiss Post article)

2019/03/25: Swiss Post article reacting to the second vulnerability report in its e-voting system. Report: more

End-of-year review 2017: e-voting in use in Switzerland (Swiss Post article)

2017/01/30: Swiss Post article reviewing the e-voting use in different swiss CantonsRead more

E-Voting der Post lässt sich nicht schützen sagt Chaos Computer Club ( article)

2019/02/19: article interviewing two experts of Chaos Cumputer Club on Swiss Post e-voting systemRead more

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