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Preventing phishing attacks on e-voting (Swiss Post article)

2018/04/25: Swiss Post article by Christian Folini on pishing attacks and how to prevent them when using e-voting.Read more

People are in favour of e-voting – despite the safety concerns (Swiss Post article)

2017/11/27: Swiss Post article on a study conducted by the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA). The study about e-voting showed support amongst the public in favor of an e-voting system.Read more

"Ceci n’est pas une preuve : The use of trapdoor commitments in Bayer-Groth proofs and the implications for the verifiabilty of the Scytl-SwissPost Internet voting system"

2019/03/12: Report of researchers who found a vulnerability in the SwissPost e-voting shuffle. The trapdoor commitment scheme allows an undetectable vote manipulation. Two examples are shown in the report

Brief Summary hereRead more

Prise de position sur la modification de la Loi fédérale sur les droits politiques (passage à la mise en exploitation du vote électronique) ICT Switzerland

2019/04/15: ICT Switzerland's statement on the amendment of the Federal Act on Political Rights (transition to the use of electronic voting). ICT Switzerland's opposes the transition to e-voting into regular operation and argues for more testing. Read more

Swiss Post puts e-voting on hold after researchers uncover critical security errors

2019/04/05: The Daily Swig article reviewing the controversies surrounding the Swiss Post public intrusion test for their e-voting systemRead more

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