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Public Intrusion Test : Final Report (SCRT)

29/03/2019: final report providing information about the Public Intrusion Test (PIT) of Swiss Post’s e-voting system, as operated by SCRT on behalf of Swiss Federal Chancellery.Read more

Vote électronique (Federal Chancellery document)

2019/07: document on the situation of e-voting in Switzerland by he Federal ChancelleryRead more

Vote électronique : publication du code source

2018/05/30:  Explanatory report on the amendment of the Ordinance of the Federal Chancellery on electronic voting (OVotE)Read more

Summary of the Review of Electronic Voting Protocols, Models and Proofs

2017/05/24: results of audit (01-05.2017) of models and proofs of Swiss Post/Scytl's Electronic Voting Protocol. 

We summarize here our main conclusion: the proofs are conformant to requirements of the Bundeskanzlei (Chapter 5.1 ).

Read more
How Not To Secure An Election (OP Presentation)

2019/10/17: Open Privacy Presentation given by Sarah Jamie Lewis retracing the timeline of events around the Swiss Post e-voting system bug bounty and vulnerability disclosures made by her teamRead more

KPMG Zertificat : Prüfung der Funktionalität für Systems zur elektrnischen Stimmabgabe

2017/06/27: KPMG Certificat : Testing the functionality of electronic voting systemsRead more

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