vulnerability disclosure debate

Software Vulnerabilities: Full-, Responsible-, and Non-Disclosure - (Cencini, Yu and Chan publication)

2005/12/07 : Andrew Cencini, Kevin Yu, Tony Chan write upon the different choices of vulnerability disclosures.

"When a software vulnerability is discovered by a third party, the complex question of who, what...Read more

Ranum Keynote Slides (Black Hat Conference 2000)

2000/07/26 : Here are the slides of Ranum keynote at the US Black Hat conference.

Between 1999 and the mid 2000s, Ranum developed his critique of full disclosure, and he presented it as the keynote speech of the US...Read more

CERT to disclose software flaws - Lemos paper

2000/10/09 : Lemos give his point of view on vulnerability disclosure debate.
"While Ranum is well-known in the industry for his black-and-white views on disclosure, most security professionals fall into a grey area."

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How do we define Responsible Disclosure? - Shepherd

2003/04/22 : Stephen A. Shepherd define what is responsible disclosure and make a summary of vulnerability disclosure history at this stage.Read more

Do security holes demand full disclosure? - Pond answer to Ranum's Keynote

2000/07/26 : Ranum beggan a big debate with his keynote speech of the US Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, in 2000. Here is Weld Pond answer to it.

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1999/11 : Marcus Ranum and Jeremy Rausch wrote both on this special issue on Security. Did Jeremy Rausch wrote to respond  to Ranum’s article? The two article side-by-bside seems an editorial choice, was it an order of the journal ?

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AntiSecurity Presentation

Here is the presentation of the AntiSecurity movement. 

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Anti-hacking method of full disclosure under attack from a part of the security industry - McClure and Scambray

2000 : The authors explain their view pro full disclosure and its aim of educating people. They add their opinion on the bad sides of full disclosure.
"The only rational solution is to make the script kiddies responsible for their actions, as we do with all criminals
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Culp - It's time to end information anarchy

2001/10 : Scott Culp, who founded MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center), wrote an influential paper, after a series of attacks (virus and worms) from Feb to September 2001. At this time, the irritation against hackers and full disclosures was already calm since months.

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AntiSec Policy

Here is the Anti-sec policy described by one of the members of the movement.

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