eVoting? Burn it with fire! (H. Marques article)

2019/04: Hernâni Marques article giving his opinion on eVoting. Marques strongly criticizes not only Swiss Post's e-voting system but e-voting in general.Read more

Gravierender Mangel am E-Voting-System der Post entdeckt (Republik article)

2019/03/12: Republik article about the vulnerability reported by  security researcher in the Swiss Post e-voting systemRead more

Trapdoor commitments in the SwissPost e-voting shuffle proof

2019/03/12 : Report of researchers who found a vulnerability in the SwissPost e-voting shuffle. The trapdoor commitment scheme allows an undetectable vote manipulation.

Full version hereRead more

Diese Argumente haben das E-Voting in der Schweiz gestoppt (Swiss Info article)

2019/08/02: Swiss Info article on the story of e-voting in Switzerland + interview of Democracy expert Renat Kuenzi

Die Geschichte von E-Voting in der Schweiz ist die eines kühnen Traums mit Bruchlandung. Das Schicksal dieses Projektes ist

...Read more
Summary of the Review of Electronic Voting Protocols, Models and Proofs

2017/05/24: results of audit (01-05.2017) of models and proofs of Swiss Post/Scytl's Electronic Voting Protocol. 

We summarize here our main conclusion: the proofs are conformant to requirements of the Bundeskanzlei (Chapter 5.1 ).

Read more
KPMG Zertificat : Prüfung der Infrastructur un des Betriebs für Systems zur elektronische Stimmabgabe

2017/06/27: KPMG Certificate : Audit of the infrastructure and operation of electronic voting systemsRead more

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