Digitale Demokratie – E-Voting und Manipulation (ETHZ, Video Conference)

Contributed date

April 29, 2020 - 4:56pm

Critical Commentary

Video Conference on "Digital Demokratie - E-Voting und Manipulation" made at the ETH Zürich on the 01.10.2019

"Digitalisation poses new challenges for democracy. The influence of "fake news" and personalized election advertising on the presidential elections in the USA has also awakened fears of influence in Switzerland. New dangers also threaten e-voting. No secure solution has yet been found. The Federal Chancellery is, therefore, examining the approval and certification of new systems. But is e-voting the electoral procedure of the future? And how can the manipulation of decision-making and election results be prevented? Shortly before the national elections, Renate Schubert and Florent Thouvenin from Collegium Helveticum will discuss the pressing fundamental questions about the future of digital democracy with selected experts."