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Schneier - Crypto-Gram February 15, 2003

2003/02/15 : Schneier published his monthly newsletter.
He talks this time on Locksmiths.

"This position ignores the fact that public scrutiny is the only reliable way to improve security....Read more

Google 7-days disclosure

2013/05/29 : Google agreed for 7-days to fix critical vulnerabilities. 

"Based on our experience, however, we believe that more urgent action -- within 7 days -- is appropriate for critical vulnerabilities under active exploitation. The reason for this special designation is that...Read more

Ant-Sec - We are going to terminate Hackforums.net and Milw0rm.com - New Apache 0-day exploit uncovered

1998-1999 : Birth of the anti-Sec movement.

"We are the Ant-Sec movement, and we are dedicated to eradicating full-disclosure of vulnerabilities and exploits and free discussion on hacking related topics."

This artifact is part of the ...Read more

Black Hat 2000 - Ranum and Granick VS Rausch and Amhed

April 2000, at the Black Hat Conference (Singapour) took place a debate with Ranum and Granick against Rausch and Amhed.Read more
Microsoft Exchange servers are getting hacked via ProxyShell exploits

2021/08/12 : Lawrence Abrams explains how "Orange Tsai at a Black Hat talk about recent Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities he discovered when targeting the Microsoft Exchange Client Access Service (CAS) attack surface.
After watching the talk, security researchers PeterJson and Nguyen Jang ...Read more

Schneier - Crypto-Gram September 15, 2000

2000/09/15 :  Schneier published his monthly newsletter and explains here his opinion on full disclosure debate.

"What’s interesting is that everybody wants the same thing; they’re just disagreeing about the best way to get there.
When a security vulnerability exists in a...Read more

Full Disclosure works, here's proof - Bugtraq archives

1994/12/01 : Christopher Klaus describes a proof of Bugtraq efficiency.

This artifact is part of the Bugtraq BundleRead more

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