Ranum Keynote Slides (Black Hat Conference 2000)

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May 10, 2023 - 11:43am

Critical Commentary

2000/07/26 : Here are the slides of Ranum keynote at the US Black Hat conference.

Between 1999 and the mid 2000s, Ranum developed his critique of full disclosure, and he presented it as the keynote speech of the US Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, in 2000.

“In fact, what we are doing today by releasing tools through the full disclosure mechanism, releasing tools and exploit information, is… we are creating hordes and hordes of script kiddies, right, these guys are like cockroaches. On one hand we are complaining about the fact that our dorms are infested with cockroaches yet in the other hand, we have diligent security analysts who are putting roach food down the hall, all the time. For some reason these two don’t add up.”

This artifact is part of the Bundle Ranum Keynote Debate.