Miller, Horst (2012) "The Digital and the Human: A prospectus for Digital Anthropology"

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March 20, 2020 - 11:49am

Critical Commentary

This introduction will propose six basic principles as the foundation for a new subdiscipline: digital anthropology.

  1. The digital itself intensifies the dialectical nature of culture
  2. Humanity is not one iota more mediated by the rise of the digital
  3. The commitment to holism, the foundation of anthropological perspectives on humanity
  4. The importance of cultural relativism and the global nature of our encounter with the digital
  5. The essential ambiguity of digital culture with regard to its increasing openness and closure
  6. the materiality of digital worlds, which are neither more nor less material than the worlds that preceded them


Horst H and Miller, D. 2012. "The Digital and the Human: a prospectus for Digital Anthropology".  Eds. Digital Anthropology. Oxford: Berg 3-36.

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