digital anthropology

Golub (2010) "Being in the world (of Warcraft): Raiding, Realism, and Knowledge Production in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game"

"This paper discusses two main claims made about virtual worlds: first, that people become “immersed” in virtual worlds because of their sensorial realism, and second, because virtual worlds appear to be “places” they can be studied without reference to the lives that their inhabitants live in...Read more

Hine (2004) "Social Research Methods and the Internet: A Thematic Review"

Collection of articles related to Social Research Methods and accompanied by a critical introduction/review by Christine HineRead more

Postill (2016) "Doing remote ethnography"

"In this chapter I reflect on my experience of researching digital politics while physically absent from ‘the field’. I argue that there is nothing inherently inferior or illegitimate about researching local issues remotely (e.g. via Twitter, live streaming, web cam, email, online archives), or...Read more

Dagiral, Martin (2017) "Liens sociaux et numériques"

"Loin d’opposer la technique au social ou la matérialité à l’humain, ils [les liens sociaux numériques] montrent au contraire à quel point les techniques d’information et de communication (TIC) sont entrelacées dans les faits sociaux étudiés et qu’il serait vain de vouloir distinguer la...Read more

Williams (2013) "Virtual Ethnography"

Oxford Bibliographies article on the topic of Virtual EthnographyRead more

LSE Digital Ethnography Collective Reading List

Collective Reading List on the topic of Digital EthnographyRead more

Wilson, Peterson (2002) "The Anthropology of Online Communities"

"Information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new sorts of communities and communicative practices [...]. The general conclusion is that the technologies comprising the Internet, and all the text and media that exist within it, are in themselves...Read more

Boyd (2014) "It's complicated: The social lives of networked teens"

danah boyd uncovers some of the major myths regarding teens' use of social media. She explores tropes about identity, privacy, safety, danger, and bullying.Read more

Madianou (2015) "Polymedia and Ethnography: Understanding the Social in Social Media"

"In this essay I argue that social media need to be understood as part of complex environments of communicative opportunities which I conceptualize as polymedia. This approach shifts our attention from social media as discrete platforms to the ways users navigate environments of affordances in...Read more

Balleys, Coll (2015) "La mise en scène de la vie privée en ligne par les adolescents"

"Que recouvre la notion de vie privée dans les pratiques de sociabilité adolescente médiatisée ? Comment les adolescents fabriquent-ils une représentation de leur vie privée sur les réseaux sociaux, et selon quelles logiques ? Quelles sont les corrélations existant entre la mise en scène de la...Read more

Nardi (2015) "Virtuality*"

This review examines studies of the affordances of digital technologies that produce virtuality. What we can call a “technological turn” in the literature considers technology a first-order analytical object rather than blackboxing it or subsuming it under social process. J.J. Gibson’s original...Read more

Kelty (2008) "Collaboration, Coordination, and Composition: Fieldwork after the Internet"

"[...]this chapter touches three issues: 1) it responds to some of the issues raised by Fabian concerning the status of eth- nographic materials and data, and of commentary as a “genre” of ethnographic writing after the Internet; 2) it distinguishes conceptually the practices of coordi-...Read more

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