Digital Ethnography

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This space has been created to share, collect and discuss resources related to digital ethnography and digital anthropology.

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- At the bottom of the page you will find a button "annotate" that will lead you to comment on the artifact in two ways:

select the "Digital Ethnography" set, then, choose whether you want to:

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Then, the floor is yours! You can comment on the subject, give your opinion or add a remark. Feel free to write a big commentary or just a few words. You'll find existing annotations under the annotated artifacts.

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If you want to send us a recommendation, a general opinion or suggestion on the project or if you need to signal us an artifact that needs to be better refferenced or rather removed from here, you can send us an e-mail to

We hope this space can help you navigate a little better in these uncharted territory and help others with what you find out!

happy sharing!

the CVA team